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11 Июля 2018  32

China calls proposed tariffs on $200b worth of goods 'unacceptable'

China calls proposed tariffs on $200b worth of goods 'unacceptable'

Source: chinadaily.com.cn

The latest proposed tariffs by the United States on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports are unacceptable, a spokesperson with China's Ministry of Commerce said on Wednesday.

It harms China, the world, as well as the United States itself. It's irrational and will not be accepted by people, said the spokesperson.

The Chinese side was shocked at the US' latest move. In order to protect the country's core interests and people's basic interests, the Chinese government will always take countermeasures, said the ministry.

China calls on mutual efforts from the international community to maintain the practice of free trade and the multilateral trading system, and fight trade bullying, it said.

China will tack on the case to its suit against the US at the World Trade Organization, the ministry added.