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Экономические новости Центральной и Восточной Европы

Украина впервые закупила партию североморской нефти 120788
На побережье Болгарии растет количество сделок с недвижимостью 133323
Украина национализировала Запорожский титано-магниевый комбинат 142078
PGNIG хочет участвовать в сертификации NORD STREAM 2 149064
CPC genuinely dedicated to serving the people: Scottish writer 121844
Miracle, Inspiration -- CPC leadership, Chinese path in eyes of world party leaders 114921
Adherence to governing for people, a precious quality of a political party -- Moroccan party leader 109817
Success of CPC lies in closeness to people, says Tanzanian party official 106655
CPC's ties with people impressive: Tanzania's ruling party senior official 90951
Party exchanges with CPC add strong impetus to LatAm-China cooperation, says Mexican party official 90826
CPC proves to be "skilled sailor" in tough seas -- former BiH ambassador to China 90824
Chinese people more confident, outgoing, says Sri Lanka's party leader 90758
Iraqi party leader says China's miraculous development an opportunity for world economy 90584
CPC "has traveled a colossal path" in 100 years -- former Belarusian deputy PM 90537
China's development achievements set example for developing countries -- Syrian communist party leader 83564
CPC wins overwhelming trust among Chinese people: former Lao deputy PM 83374
CPC works for serving Chinese people, says Syrian party official 83345
100th anniversary of CPC a milestone in China's development -- former Singaporean FM 83265
Jordanian communist party leader praises CPC's people-centered philosophy 83100
CPC devises formula for driving China's speedy development, says Panamanian politician 83010
China's achievements demonstrate what CPC can accomplish, says Peruvian politician 82829
China's miracles to continue with CPC's leadership, says Bulgarian party leader 82716
CPC remains committed to serving the people 82608
Member of Lebanese party says CPC's achievements worth studying 82513
World political parties on CPC centenary: From the people, for the people 82377
CPC plays key role in China's social, economic development, says senior Venezuelan party official 82195
CPC's leadership, socialist system key to China's success: former Hungarian PM 82098
World Insights: Int'l community praises CPC's people-oriented philosophy as secret to success in decades of governance 81960
CPC's governance experience inspirational for developing countries, Arab officials say 81923
CPC centenary highlights history of "extraordinary success, sacrifice," says Argentine party leader 81646
CPC committed to ensuring extensive public participation in economic growth, says former Brazilian president 81569
Facing changes, CPC always full of enthusiasm, motivation -- Finnish party chief 81611
World political parties on CPC centenary: People-centered philosophy 81352
Adaptation of Marxism to Chinese context key to CPCs success, says Iranian politician 81218
Chinese model of engagement with African countries genuine -- Ugandan party official 90275
CPC's leadership key to China's success, says former Nigerian FM 90116
Former Moroccan party leader says notable achievements made since CPC's founding 89977
CPC a model for true embodiment of people's aspirations, says Egyptian party chief 89830
Kazakh politician says CPC's people-centered philosophy key to China's achievements 81372
African countries have much to learn from "Chinese miracle", says Kenyan party leader 81218
Spanish communist leaders say CPC critical in pushing forward China's development, world multipolarization 82465
Ethiopian official says CPC serves as best example of achieving miracles 82476
Every country needs leader devoted to people's well-being, says Pakistani politician 82974
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