University students have found a new way to produce biofuel


Students at the Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University have developed effective ways to produce biofuel from vegetable oil, reports Delovoy Kazakhstan.

The scientific project of Nazerke Khalel and Munisa Saidiganieva «The importance of obtaining biofuel from sunflower oil» was presented for the first» time at the international conference of young scientists and students «World of Farabi».

According to the authors of the scientific project, biofuels have great value and benefit and harm to the environment is minimal.

Since depletion of natural and energy resources have become evident, the humankind tries to save them and invent alternative energy sources.  In recent years, the production of biofuels has been rapidly developing in a number of developed countries of the world. Biofuel is a source of renewable energy, an effective way to solve environmental problems. In addition, it is cheap and available. By the time, developing society would prefer to use the fuel that is more useful for people and the environment than oil and coal products. Therefore, we decided to implement this research project, the students said.

At the traditional meeting at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, the project of the students of the Women's University was highly appreciated by the jury and took third place.

The young scientists are students of Chemistry educational programme. This is their first research achievement. The students are planning to develop their project in the laboratory of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, and in the future to take part in Startup projects, said the scientific director of the students.

One should note that the number of countries producing environmentally friendly fuel is increasing every year, and the volume of fuel production has recently been growing. The biofuels are usually produced from various plants. For example, Brazil, which produces most of this fuel, extracts it from sugar cane, and in the U.S., from corn. Of course, Kazakhstan's enthusiasm for the production of this type of fuel is no less than that of the European countries. Kazakhstan gives priority to bioethanol production as an export-oriented product. We know that bioethanol produced by our country used to be produced of wheat.

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