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Kazakhstan and OSCE Discussed Cooperation and Challenges of the Modern World 225
Kazakhstan and OSCE: Partnership in Ensuring Peace and Stability 253
Partnership and Friendship: Kazakhstan and South Africa Strengthen Relations 261
Energy Giant "Masdar" Implements a Project of Wind Power Plants in Kazakhstan 288
The Diplomats Discussed Topical Issues: Cooperation Between Kazakhstan and Bosnia and Herzegovina 270
Export of Lumber: Russia Increases the Number of Checkpoints to Kazakhstan 643
Environmental Breakthrough: CHP-2 in Almaty to Switch to Natural Gas 614
French Company Alstom is Ready to Invest in Kazakhstan: What Prospects are Open? 544
Kazakhstan and the IMF: Cooperation in the Field of Regional Trade Integration 528
Cultural Ties Between Kazakhstan and Bulgaria: Future Plans 615
Business Sector of Latvia and Kazakhstan Discussed Prospects of Cooperation 552
Kazakhstan and China: Strategic Cooperation in the Mining and Metallurgical Industry 853
Strategic Partnership: Kazakh-Latvian Relations at a New Level 732
Klaipeda: Lithuania's Main Seaport and a Key Transit Point for Kazakhstan 707
Kazakhstan Presented the Biosafety Initiative at the OPCW Conference 608
Kazakhstan and Romania Exceed Expectations in Trade 562
Astana Civil Service Hub Presented its Experience on the UN International Platform 744
Increasing Cargo Transportation from Kazakhstan to Europe 815
Children Draw the World: Kazakhstan Initiative Supported by UNICEF 11641
C5+1: US and Central Asian Experts Discuss Security Issues 10923
Kazakhstan in the Focus of the BRICS+ Meeting: Prospects for Cooperation and Joining the Alliance 959
Candidate from Kazakhstan in the UN Committee: Promotion of Gender Equality 933
Kazakhstan and Sweden Strengthen Cooperation in the Mining Industry 981
Kazakhstan and Indonesia Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations 970
Prospects of Economic Relations Between Kazakhstan and Ethiopia 904
Eurasian Innovation Partnership: The Path to Technological Sovereignty 990
Free Trade Between the EAEU and Indonesia: New Prospects and Opportunities 992
Results of the II Eurasian Economic Forum: Achievements and Plans 969
Important Achievements and Ambitious Goals: EAEU Day 979
Indonesia and the EAEU: Industry Projects and Prospects for Cooperation 956
The EAEU: Striving for a Single Market and Improving Business Conditions 964
Eurasian Reinsurance Company: The Need to Increase Capital 1022
E-Commerce in the EAEU: Development Strategies for the Future 1006
Unified Science: A Key Factor of Economic Breakthrough in the EAEU 968
Lean Manufacturing: Effective Practice for the Development of the EAEU Countries 1040
Ensuring Energy Security: The Priority Task of the EAEU 965
The EAEU Creates a Base for the Safety of Animal Products 981
KazNU Improves Position in THE Impact Rankings-2023 10920
The Role of Universities on the Silk Road 1333
Modern Language Research 1287
KazNU and Tsukuba University: Development of Scientific and Educational Cooperation 1252
Kazakh Literature: Photo Chronicle of 1920-1970 1129
Fate Intertwined with History 1131
Japanese University is Interested in Scientific Developments of KazNU 1243
Kazakhstan Expressed Condolences to India in Connection with the Railway Tragedy 1475
Strategic Partnership: Central Asia and the European Union Join Forces 2035
Kazakhstan and the European Union: A New Stage of Cooperation 2268
Innovations in the Tax Sphere: Kazakhstan is Studying the Experience of the Federal Tax Service of Russia 1908
Development of the Quality System in Kazakhstan: Visit of APAC Experts 2061
Integrated Gas Chemical Complex: A New Stage in the Development of Kazakhstan's Economy 2093
The New Tax Code of Kazakhstan: Basic Approaches and Incentives for Business 2122
Unique show program “NON classica” in Astana Ballet 2222
Mare's Milk from Kazakhstan Conquers the International Market 2094
DBK: New Opportunities for Joint Projects with Investors from China 2145
Kazakhstan and South Korea: A Strategic Alliance in the New Era 2738
Kazakh National Dishes at the Tashkent Festival: Diplomatic Culinary Mix 2995
Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone: Importance for Central Asia 2734
Investment Growth: Kazakhstan and UAE Seek to Strengthen Partnership 2854
The Ceremony of Presentation of Credentials at the Residence of the President of Kazakhstan 2954
The Role of Kazakhstan in Interreligious Cooperation: the View of Italian Specialists 3021
Kazakhstan and Latvia: Strategy for the Development of Transit and Transport Cooperation 3008
Students and Hockey: How Active Youth Helps Promote Sports in Kazakhstan 3025
Kazakhstan and the USA Strengthen Relations 3465
Kazakhstan Seeks to Increase the Capacity of the Trans-Caspian Route 3009
Trans-Caspian Route: Importance for Kazakhstan and Romania 3070
Astana International Forum: Gathering World Leaders 3092
Kazakhstan is a Key Partner of Switzerland in Central Asia 3307
Kazakhstan's Role in Central Asia: Mutual Interest in Cooperation with Sweden 3131
Kazakhstan and Sweden Discussed Strengthening Parliamentary Ties 3060
The Number of Flights between Kazakhstan and Great Britain is Increasing 2920
Cooperation between Kazakhstan and Serbia: a New Stage in Economic Partnership 2962
Upcoming Astana Forum: Features and Role of Africa in Global affairs 3062
Kazakhstan to Host World Forum of Central Depositories for the First Time 3331
The Astana Ballet Theater presented a show bill for June 3335
Jordan Shows Interest in Investments and Cooperation with Kazakhstan 3328
«ALZHIR»: Women's Camp of Soviet Repressions 3301
Institute of Batyrship: Traditions, Status and Armament 3271
Kazakhstan on the Way to Restoring Historical Justice 3360
KazNU and Google: Development of Scientific Infrastructure and Startup Projects 3263
Kazakh Students Took First Place in the Huawei Global Competition 4826
KazNU and the Silk Road University Network: Strengthening Partnership 3174
Continuity of Generations and New Achievements: The Day of Graduates in the Treasury 3170
KazNU and the Constitutional Court: Partnership in the Field of Law and Science 3495
Universities of Kazakhstan and Russia: Ways to Develop Cooperation 3275
Opening of the OIC Center in KazNU: a New Stage in Scientific Cooperation 3298
KazNU and COMSTECH: Cooperation in the Field of Science and Technology 3243
The OIC-15 Dialogue Platform: Combining Scientific Potential 3213
The Official Delegation of the OIC in Kazakhstan: a Look Into the Future of Science and Education 3210
Kazakhstan and Iran: Strategic Partnership in Science and Culture 3456
Kazakh Cinema Conquers the American Public 3540
APAC Assessment: Kazakhstan on the Way to World Recognition of Quality 3840
Evening of Kazakh Culture in London: Music, Art and Cinema 3986
Astana Opera’s Double Full House 3724
UAPF: billion revenues for 4 months 3850
The EU's View on Democratic Changes in Kazakhstan 3772
Kazakh Travel Companies Win the Hearts of Saudi Travelers 3963
Kazakhstan Becomes a Leader in Renewable Energy: Insights from Qazaq Green Fest 4497
Kazakhstan exports processed goods to 106 countries around the world 4692
Kazakhstan is an Active Participant in UN Peacekeeping Missions 4850
Economic Potential of Kazakhstan: Fitch Sees Growth Prospects 4611
Kazakhstanis Have Increased Pension Savings by 1 Trillion Tenge 30804
Prospects for the Development of Renewable Energy Infrastructure in Kazakhstan: DBK's View 5129
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