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Germany and Kazakhstan: new horizons of cooperation 127
Kazakhstan and Sri Lanka are ready to deepen economic and political ties 129
Tokayev Discusses Kazakhstan's Role in Global Economic Processes 131
Cooperation between Kazakhstan and Germany: prospects and priorities 196
Tokayev and Scholz discussed strengthening of Kazakh-German relations 245
Kazakhstan and Japan agreed to exchange students and teachers 242
11 KazNU students will receive education at leading universities in Poland 422
Kazakhstan and Japan strengthen cooperation in the field of science and education 252
Kazakhstan's G4 City: A Future International Business Hub 268
Students offered solutions to improve the economic climate of Kazakhstan 252
Elsevier Days: How young scientists publish scientific articles in prestigious journals 297
Universities of Kazakhstan and China deepen academic partnership 233
KazNU student wins silver medal at international boxing tournament 348
KazNU student wins silver medal at Asian Games 345
Kazakhstan will become a platform for the promotion of ecotourism 195
Commonwealth of Education: KazNU and Henan University 212
ESCAS 2023: Expert opinion on the future of Central Asia 175
Global challenges of the XXI century: How does modern education prepare for them? 163
Kazakhstan and Türkiye strengthen cooperation in education 209
The book about Kemel Tokayev was presented in Istanbul 213
Scientific community of Kazakhstan discussed strategies to combat desertification 217
Scientists from Central Asia, Europe, Canada and the USA discussed the problems of the region 225
Kazakhstan and China expand cooperation in higher education 237
A branch of a leading Chinese university will open in KazNU 211
Israeli agricultural technologies will help Kazakhstan improve agriculture 473
2nd BREIP conference held in Shanghai on Wed. to build bridge for global economic information connectivity 535
Kazakh musical art 3793
Experts discussed ways to improve the efficiency of Kazakhstan's economy 3710
From the dialogue of religions to the rapprochement of civilizations 559
Students are preparing for an active role in the New Kazakhstan 3630
The unique site context and position of each project posted great potential for innovative ideas and investment 825
Kazakhstan's Government Addresses Challenges Faced by Grain Farmers 1231
Kazakhstan's New Budget Code Aims to Streamline Financial Management 9043
Trade and Economic Cooperation in Focus: Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan Talks 8930
Eurasian Development Bank Boosts Investments in Kazakhstan: Exceeds $2.2 Billion Mark 1025
Kazakhstan's New Law Targets Illegally Acquired Assets to Restore Citizens' Rights 1012
Cracking Down on Monopolies: Kazakh Government's Antitrust Measures 959
Kazakhstan and Singapore Strengthen Economic Ties: Key Meeting Highlights 963
Aktobe's Development Vision: Infrastructure and Environmental Projects 936
Kazakhstan and Jiangsu Province Explore Trade and Economic Cooperation 968
Government Races Against Time: Two Weeks to Prepare for Heating Season 731
Asian Economy: ADB forecasts and current risks for the region 8818
National Day of Saudi Arabia: congratulations from Kazakhstan 1876
Turdikul Butayarov: Neighbors will only benefit from a strong Kazakhstan 1471
Greece shares Kazakhstan's approaches to strengthening the inter-civilizational dialogue 1403
UN Students Dive into the History of Kazakhstan's Anti-Nuclear Movement 1400
Rotary Club Dubai: discussion of key aspects of Economic Reforms in Kazakhstan 1640
Students of the capital's school plunged into the history of Kazakh batyrs 1650
AIFC and KIFC: the Future of Financial innovation 1913
AIFC and Kyrgyzstan are preparing the ground for cross-border transactions in the capital markets 1639
The living magic of music: Chamber concert “Altyn Kerney” at Astana Ballet 1789
Asset recovery law: what will change for citizens of Kazakhstan 1554
2nd Kazakh-Turkish IT Forum: Partnership in the Digital Sphere 1821
Kazakhstan presented its economic plan to Moldova 1348
Bulgarian business supports Kazakhstan's Economic course 1500
MEPs expressed interest in political reforms in Kazakhstan 1485
Cuban audience learns about Kazakhstan's strategy 1377
Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan deepen cooperation in the field of financial administration 1406
Kazakh-South Korean Economic Ties: A Booming Strategic Partnership 1449
President Tokayev's Vision: Strengthening Kazakh-Kenyan Cooperation 1487
Kazakhstan and Mongolia Eye Strategic Partnership Talks at UN Assembly 1318
Kazakhstan and Portugal: Strengthening Bilateral Ties and Digital Cooperation 1275
Hello Bollywood! FlyArystan To Launch Flights From Almaty to Mumbai 1352
World leaders of the mining industry gathered at the exhibition in Kazakhstan 1382
Green Economy on the Silk Road: KazNU at the International Forum in Urumqi 1262
Kazakh innovations attract attention at the Shanghai Fair 1246
Scientists of Kazakhstan and China exchanged experience in the field of biotechnology 1275
Universities of Kazakhstan and Russia: cooperation in science 1221
Experts discussed the importance of transport control in the Republic of Kazakhstan 1200
Universities of Kazakhstan and Türkiye strengthen educational ties 1194
The "Candle of Knowledge" was lit at KazNU 1271
KazNU strengthens international cooperation at the SCO Forum in Shanghai 1206
KazNU and Shanghai University: new horizons of cooperation 1184
From study desks to mountain peaks: KazNU hike to Kok Zhailau 23216
Infrastructural development of Aktobe region: What awaits the region 22706
The Presidents of Kazakhstan and Romania discussed prospects for the development of relations 2611
Formation of healthy thinking: mind-lecture at the Presidential Center 1433
Visit of kindness: Presidential Center supports integration of children with special needs 1472
Transition to a new economic model: The Presidential Center discussed the strategy 23339
Kazakhstan's Investment Progress Under Scrutiny: A Call for Swift Action 1562
Kazakhstan's New Budget Code: Simplifying Processes and Enhancing Financial Management 1519
Farmers of Kazakhstan will receive support: The Government told about the measures of assistance 1559
EU, UN and Kazakhstan united in environmental action #EUBeachCleanup 1970
Kazakhstan attracts world experts: CEEMAN conference in Almaty 3334
Kazakhstan strengthens ties with the International Anti-Corruption Academy 1848
Saudi Arabia is interested in Kazakhstan's economic strategy 1837
Belt and Road Forum in Georgia: How to improve the tax environment of the world 2041
GE Healthcare invests in the production of medical equipment in Kazakhstan 1938
Kazakhstan and Amazon: a new stage in the development of the IT sector in Central Asia 1824
Estonia and Kazakhstan strengthen diplomatic ties through the UN, EU and OSCE 1784
Kazakhstan and Finland discussed issues of UN reform 1716
Presidents of Kazakhstan and Iran discussed strengthening of strategic partnership 1722
On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly: Talks between the leaders of Kazakhstan and Slovenia 1736
Kazakhstan and the UN: strategy of joint actions in world politics 1889
UN Summit: Kassym-Jomart Tokayev calls for revision of the global financial system 6683
Premiere of the national fairy tale “Ot Kyz” at Astana Ballet 6480
Fraternal peoples: Kazakhstan and Hungary deepen cooperation on the world stage 6208
The European Union and the UN support the environmental initiative in Kazakhstan 2160
Kazakhstan may become a major supplier of copper to the world economy 2174
Europeans will learn about the richness of Kazakh culture at the exhibition in Brussels 2288
Trans-Caspian route: ITC is ready to help Kazakhstan 2111
Mastercard and Kazakhstan: Partnership in the digital economy and GovTech solutions 2045
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