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Debut bonds of sustainable development in Europe for 100 billion tenge 336
Belgian companies are interested in investing in Kazakhstan 537
Kazakhstan actively participates in the Central Asia–GCC dialogue 589
EU empowers Kazakhstan educators with innovative learning tool 635
The UN approves Kazakhstan's efforts to protect women and children from domestic violence 615
Kazakhstan to study Japan's experience in seismic construction 753
Kazakhstan's initiatives at the “Central Asia – Gulf Cooperation Council” dialogue platform 840
Kazakhstan and China deepen partnership in lithium production 913
Kazakhstan continues transit of Russian oil to Uzbekistan 907
Kazakhstan strengthens academic ties in healthcare 849
Investments of the European Union in the future of Kazakhstan 813
A full-cycle biopharmaceutical plant will appear in Kazakhstan 688
Kazakhstan to increase oil supplies to Germany 658
The new employees discussed their expectations from working with the management of the DBK 918
Students of Nazarbayev University learned about the prospects of employment in the DBK 1006
Floods in Kazakhstan: DBK borrowers provide assistance 903
Delegation from Kazakhstan to the USA: study trip or strategic dialogue? 856
The DBK officially joined the GIP initiative 1001
DBK took part in the discussion of financing projects in the field of renewable energy sources 1031
DBK strengthens partnerships with regional executive bodies 806
Kazakhstan exceeded OPEC+ commitments: reasons and action plan 704
DBK received a KASE diploma "For striving for transparency" 922
Middle East: Kazakhstan calls for dialogue and peace talks 703
The DBK discussed issues of sustainable development in the financial sector 761
Delegation from Kazakhstan meets with American congressmen in Washington 1037
The symbol of victory: Vienna celebrated the 79th anniversary of the liberation by Soviet troops 920
Open the door to the Universe: The new "Farabi" Observatory 1349
Henkel production development in Kazakhstan: new prospects for the construction industry 1231
Exclusive business event in the food industry in Astana 1386
Investment prospects: Kazakhstan and Finland strengthen cooperation 1383
The World Bank forecasts a slowdown in economic growth in Europe and Central Asia 1558
The number of brokerage accounts in Kazakhstan continues to increase 1927
Official development assistance: Kazakhstan and Belgium discussed prospects for cooperation 1361
Kazakhstan's economy: forecasts for 2024 and risk factors 2023
Biodiversity conservation: Kazakhstan and WHO agree on strategies 1497
Kazakhstan and South Africa: new horizons of cooperation discussed at the Foreign Ministry 1794
No restrictions: Kazakhstan and Macau cancel visas for 14 days 1654
Spanish plumbing giant plans to invest in Kazakhstan 1509
Kazakhstan and Pakistan intend to cooperate in the transport sector 1623
Meeting at MFA notes Importance of Developing Cooperation with OSCE PA 1574
UN&Me: 30 stories of ordinary Kazakhstani citizens 1630
Kazakhstan and India strengthen cooperation on countering terrorism 2105
Expansion of cooperation: Kazakhstan and South Chuncheon are ready for new projects 2826
Al-Farabi and the spiritual heritage of the Kazakh people 3074
Kazakhstan and the Council of Europe are looking for joint solutions in the fight for women's rights 3270
Muscat and Astana: The main aspects of the negotiations on inter-parliamentary cooperation 3091
Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom: Partnership at the state level 3182
Kazakhstan and Moldova confirmed their intention to strengthen cooperation 27701
Kazakhstan and the World Bank discussed investment projects and cooperation in key sectors of the economy 26311
World Nomad Games 2024: Kazakhstan is preparing for a big event 26729
How Singapore achieved success in digital transformation: Lessons for Kazakhstan 2443
Diplomatic cooperation: Kazakhstan and the Netherlands discussed key issues 2480
Cooperation and analysis: round table on reforms in Kazakhstan in Turkey 2373
Kazakhstan and Indonesia: prospects for the development of cooperation 2430
The MFA RK made a statement on the occasion of the attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria 2737
Kazakhstan shares its digitalization experience with partners from Central Asia 3285
Tenge exchange rate: analysis of the National Bank's operations in March 3319
GovStack in Astana: meeting of key players to accelerate digital development 3382
Kazakhstan and China's business communities: prospects for the implementation of joint projects 3651
The II Forum of rectors of universities of Kazakhstan and Russia was held in Almaty 3656
Leaders' Meeting: Kazakhstan and China deepen cooperation at all levels 3823
World Opera Star Maria Mudryak and the Symphony Orchestra of the Astana Ballet Theatre will perform in Almaty 3628
Climate and science support: Kazakhstan addressed the 219th session of the UNESCO Executive Board 38081
Continuation of the dialogue: Kazakhstan and Latvia are ready for new cultural initiatives 22828
A forum to discuss the problems of biological sciences has started in Kazakhstan 3790
Ministry of Digital Development and Partners: a new stage in the development of e-government in the CIS countries 3653
Kazakhstan expands scientific partnership with Chinese universities 22993
Kazakhstan strengthens cooperation with the European Organization for Nuclear Research 3370
Consumer confidence in free fall: What is happening in Central Asia? 3141
UAE and Kazakhstan: partnership to increase investment and lending 3154
Kazakhstan and the USA: new prospects for trade and economic cooperation 3222
The procedure for declaring goods by individuals and legal entities has been defined 3025
Blinken: The US recognize Kazakhstan's true leadership in many global issues 3220
A new era of AI education in Kazakhstan 3239
Trade, investment, tourism: Kazakhstan and Indonesia seek mutually beneficial partnership 23686
Nuclear energy in the spotlight: Kazakhstan at the International Summit 16384
Kazakhstan and Greece on the way to mutually beneficial partnership through networking 16167
Kazakhstan and Belgium: partnership against the background of Belgium's EU Presidency 3515
The development of diplomatic relations: What issues were discussed at the meeting in Israel? 3422
Kazakhstan on the way to change: What reforms were discussed at the round table in Canada? 3519
Kazakhstan and Korea are developing joint forestry projects 3482
ITU Regional Forum in Astana: Digital Diplomacy and CIS Development in focus 3583
Indonesia has joined the celebration of Nauryz Meirama: a cultural event in Ubud, Bali 3427
Nauryz was Celebrated in Bucharest 3336
Opportunities and risks in the era of AI 3394
Apple trees in Geneva: Kazakh diplomats planted Nauryz symbols 3242
Kazakhstan and Cyprus open a new era of bilateral relations 3619
Tokayev congratulated the new President of Indonesia 3519
Nauryz was celebrated in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City 3982
Thailand has discovered the traditions and customs of Kazakhstan 3940
Nauryz Meiram was celebrated in Ethiopia 3771
Festive display of national clothes of the Kazakh brand in Brazil 5452
Nauryz is celebrated in Estonia 4052
Permanent Mission of Kazakhstan commemorates Nauryz with planting of apple trees 4606
Working contact: Kazakhstan and Belgium strengthen cooperation 4615
Tourism potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan: a photo exhibition is being held in Hong Kong 4691
Kazakhstan and Korea expand cooperation in the forest sector 5113
Understanding China’s Global Community with Shared Future for Mankind Concept 5198
CGTN's Global South Voices unmasks the illusion of Western democracy 5804
How 'democratic' U.S. callously disregards humanitarian values 5481
The increase in economic cooperation between Kazakhstan and Thailand was discussed in Bangkok 5007
eGov mobile: A digital service for self-limiting access to gambling 4874
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