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Kazakhstan and the EU: what did the diplomats discuss? 3487
Timur Turlov Talks About Plans to Develop Chess Culture in Kazakhstan 6149
China's doors remain open and will open wider 10230
The development of cultural and scientific ties between Kazakhstan and the UAE was discussed in Abu Dhabi 9900
Kazakhstan and Austria: ways to simplify the visa regime and consular cooperation 11121
Kazakhstan and the UAE discussed the implementation of investment projects 17380
Kazakhstan and Finland confirmed their readiness to strengthen cooperation 17798
Kazakhstan and ADB agreed to continue constructive cooperation 17820
Actor Mads Mikkelsen recorded a video message for Kazakhstan people 20295
The Eastern province of Saudi Arabia is establishing economic ties with Kazakhstan 21483
The paintings of the Kazakh artist conquered Seoul 21131
The Return of the Tiger to Kazakhstan: A New Chapter in Wildlife Conservation 21406
Chinese Innovations Through the Eyes of Kazakhstani Students 21032
3D tour of the Presidential Center Museum 18018
The Kazakhstan team achieved a 100% medal tally at the IBO 2024 18832
Kazakhstan and Malaysia are preparing new educational projects 207823
Kazakhstan and South Korea discuss green initiatives 197252
Investments and joint ventures: Kazakhstan invites Georgian business 22836
Farewell cui and awards: Kazakhstan honored the Spanish ambassador 193809
Farabi's legacy: Kazakhstan and Iran create a joint scientific center 21329
Negotiations in Nidwalden: new steps in cooperation between Kazakhstan and Switzerland 20944
Kazakhstan and the UAE discussed future cooperation at a meeting in Abu Dhabi 20383
New opportunities for farmers: the results of the Auyl Amanaty program 19723
The President of Israel confirmed his interest in strengthening cooperation with Kazakhstan 23287
Kazakhstan and China will cooperate in the development of digital currencies 25883
Kazakhstan and Luxembourg are interested in expanding cooperation 24112
Kazakhstan and the EU: new prospects for logistics cooperation 23771
Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia strengthen ties 23188
FlyArystan expands its fleet with two new aircraft 25014
Why comprehensively furthering reform vital for Chinese modernization 23210
The future of the Kazakh-Omani partnership was discussed in Oman 25311
Kazakh dombra in the spotlight of UNESCO: a holiday in Paris 23353
Kazakhstan and Pakistan create a working group for the development of agriculture 23463
Kazakhstan and UNODC are interested in expanding cooperation 283701
The exhibition "Sport – Ambassador of the World" was held in Astana 264649
Kazakhstan and IRENA are interested in further development of cooperation 32318
The President of Laos expressed support for strengthening Kazakh-Lao relations 32274
Training center set to help cultivate Kazakh logistics talent, create job opportunities 270116
Clean-energy cooperation win-win for two nations 30954
Silk Road exhibition in Xi'an displays ancient Sino-Central Asian ties 31097
Xi calls for opening new chapter in China-Kazakhstan relations 29436
Heartfelt welcome reflects robust ties 27115
Exploring Kazakhstan: A crucial link in Belt and Road cooperation 26345
Astana summit to offer more 'SCO impetus' 28809
Astana has become the center of important business decisions in Kazakhstan and China 28930
Kazakhstan's human rights laws have been recognized by the UN 29843
The UN Secretary General highly appreciated Kazakhstan's initiatives in Almaty 29700
The melodies of the Great Steppe sounded in Budapest 32538
Abai's House opened in Konya 32725
A travel guide to Kazakhstan and Central Asia was presented in Seoul 33451
Kazakhstan and Congo plan to develop cultural and humanitarian ties 32571
Kazakhstan and Qatar step up cooperation in the banking sector 33297
Kazakhstan and the UAE strengthen political dialogue 35013
Kazakhstan attracts Belgian investments in transport and construction 33594
Indonesian entrepreneurs are ready to invest in Kazakhstan 32813
Putin Arrived in Astana 34826
Kazakhstan and India intend to strengthen strategic partnership 183590
Tehran pays special attention to expanding ties with Astana 176352
How does Kazakhstan see future cooperation with the WTO 177727
SCO to drive economic cooperation of developing countries in Eurasia 41074
The Future of Kazakhstan-China Cooperation According to Xi Jinping 42515
National Fund and Tenge: Key Outcomes and Forecasts from the National Bank 43747
FlyArystan doubles the number of flights from Aktau to Istanbul 43945
Kazakhstan took part in the OSCE Conference 45232
Kazakhstan Prepares to Welcome the UN Secretary-General 47762
Initiatives of Kazakhstan and the United States on disarmament in Geneva 48037
S&P Revises Ratings Outlook for Freedom Holding Corp. 51304
From the United Kingdom to Kazakhstan: New Head of Nazarbayev University 51073
Central Asia and Germany: Kazakhstan's initiatives to develop cooperation 50006
EDB strengthens trade ties in Eurasia 50248
The laying of the stone of the CICA headquarters with a time capsule took place in Astana 51568
American Court Found Ablyazov and Khrapunov's Accomplices Guilty 48994
The Minister of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan Spoke at the Global Forum in the USA 46882
Small Aral: Restoration of water resources and development of the region 44495
The Polish public highly appreciated the film about the Kazakh Khanate 43813
Kazakhstan and the OSCE discussed the importance of the safety of journalists 43197
A Branch of the Beijing University of Language and Culture to Open in Astana 47058
The future of the Kazakh language in AI 41745
Kazakhstan is integrating the "green economy" into regional development strategies 38874
Kazakhstan and Russia set course for Latin American partnership 37224
The impact of Chinese investments on the economy of Kazakhstan 38456
Peace Award: Bike for Peace leader Tore Nurland received the Order of Dostyk 36322
New horizons for Chinese business in Kazakhstan 35464
Ashgabat: completion of the diplomatic mission of the Ambassador of Kazakhstan and discussion of the future 36575
Judges from 25 countries gathered at the legal forum in St. Petersburg 46574
SCO IBC Council in Astana: key decisions and statements 40832
Official housing for the Kazakh military: new online registration opportunities 40568
How 5.5G and AI Will Change Our World: A Forecast from Huawei 39633
Huawei Introduces Open Gateway: A Step Towards the Intelligent World 40458
How Huawei AI Will Change the Future of Telecommunications 40227
Kazakhstan and Luxembourg on the way to strengthening inter-parliamentary cooperation 37796
Kazakhstan expands ties with Latin America 41041
Presentation of Xi Jinping's Book in Almaty: A New Perspective on China's Foreign Policy 42394
Trade and economic cooperation between the EU and Central Asia: new horizons 38973
Negotiations in the US capital: discussion of legal reforms in Kazakhstan 37411
Central Securities Depository of Kazakhstan: From Automation to Innovation 39622
Artificial Intelligence and 5G-A: A Look into the Future with Huawei 54571
Global Launch of 5G-A Pioneers by Huawei: Six Key Agreements 43758
Huawei Announces AI Integration into Networks: What Can Kazakhstan Expect from the New Era? 39710
In Kazakhstan, the procedure for attaching to a polyclinic has been changed 39952
CICA: Key aspects of discussing cooperation projects in Astana 41074
The Multiplier Effect of Healthcare Investments in Central Asia 41096
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