Kazakhstan and Mongolia will continue cooperate constructively in the international arena


On September 6, 2021, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Mongolia Zh.Adilbayev held a meeting with the Foreign Policy Advisor to the President of Mongolia E.Odbayar, Delovoy Kazakhstan reports.

During the meeting, Zh.Adilbayev informed the Mongolian side that on September 1, 2021 the President of Kazakhstan K.Tokayev at a joint meeting of the Houses of Parliament announced the annual Nation Address to the people of Kazakhstan: " Unity of the people and systemic reforms are a solid foundation for the nation’s prosperity". Having conveyed the text of the Nation Address to the interlocutor in English, the Kazakh diplomat noted that the head of state came up with a number of initiatives aimed at the further development of the country in the post-pandemic period, improving the efficiency of healthcare systems, providing quality education, improving regional policy, creating an effective ecosystem in the labor market, political modernization, protection of human rights and consolidation of society.

In addition, the parties discussed in detail a wide range of international topics. The focus was on the topic of interaction between Kazakhstan and Mongolia within the framework of such international organizations as the UN, CICA and IAEA.

In turn, E.Odbayar said that the Mongolian side pays special attention to the development of interaction with other countries within the framework of international organizations and has a number of priorities aimed at enhancing the country's foreign policy in this area.

In addition, the Mongolian side proposed to expand and strengthen bilateral cooperation in the field of medical diplomacy through the exchange of research data and the development of joint projects.

The parties reaffirmed their intention to further maintain and develop constructive contacts.

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