Trade development is foreseen in national projects


Reform of the state planning system is underway in Kazakhstan. In particular, laconic national projects focused on the real needs of society will be adopted instead of cumbersome state programs, Delovoy Kazakhstan reports.

The development of trade will be reflected in 2 national projects – «Sustainable growth aimed at improving the welfare of Kazakhstanis» and «Entrepreneurial development» (developed by the Ministry of National Economy).

Within the framework of the project «Sustainable growth aimed at improving the welfare of Kazakhstanis», the task is to increase non-resource exports by 2 times - up to $ 41 billion.

A number of comprehensive measures will be taken to address this.

First, the Export Acceleration program will be implemented. It is planned to cover 1000 domestic producers by 2025. Of these, 30% of enterprises will receive their first export contracts, the remaining 70% will increase their export volumes or discover new target markets with regular supplies.

Second, at least 50 exporters will be brought to international electronic platforms annually. Exporters with a special premium status will have the opportunity to comprehensively promote their products within marketplaces.

Third, the package of measures to support exporters will be expanded. This will increase production volumes, expand the geography of exports and improve the performance of export-oriented enterprises.

Fourth30% of the laboratory base will be modernized in 2025. Domestic manufacturers will be able to test their products in Kazakhstan and thereby reduce their costs, and therefore become more competitive when going for export.

The second national project «Entrepreneurial development» includes the creation of a national distribution network.

Work in this direction has already begun.

Firstnon-stationary trade facilities will be modernized.

Today, out of more than 500 universal trading markets, 103 require modernization. It is planned to modernize 37 retail facilities in the cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent by the end of 2023, the remaining 66 (in other regions) by the end of 2025.

These measures will increase the level of civilized trade, improve tax administration and reduce shadow trade.

Second, it is envisaged to create an efficiently functioning trade, logistics and distribution system. This is the formation of a modern trade infrastructure, the construction of 24 WDC (Wholesale distribution centers).

Its implementation will ensure effective interaction of trade entities from the manufacturer to the end consumer.

Third, a Unified Strategy for the Development of Cross-Border Hubs will be adopted and 5 cross-border trade centers created / modernized

At the moment, the creation of ICTEC «Central Asia» has begun on the border with Uzbekistan. There are plans to create and modernize such centers on the external borders with Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan.

An integrated and systematic approach to solving these issues will allow to build a system of trade hubs. Subsequently, this system will be integrated with the WDC and will become the core of the development of Eurasian currents of trade.

It should be noted that today the national projects have passed all the approval procedures with the interested state bodies and will soon be submitted for consideration to the Office of the Prime Minister and the Presidential Administration.

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