Government to develop draft law on returning frozen collateral assets to economic circulation


At the government session chaired by Prime Minister Askar Mamin, a draft National Action Plan for the implementation of the Address of the Head of State to the people of Kazakhstan of Sep. 1, 2021, "Unity of People and Systemic Reforms — Solid Foundation for the Country's Prosperity’’ was considered. Minister of National Economy Aset Irgaliyev presented a report on the project, Delovoy Kazakhstan reports.


According to the minister, the draft National Plan consists of 102 events in 7 directions and 5 initiatives aimed at improving the welfare of Kazakhstanis.

In the first direction, 27 measures are envisaged.

“For the development of entrepreneurship, the Economy of Simple Things and Business Roadmap programs will be continued in 2022. In general, the amount of funding will be at least 1 trillion tenge,” said Irgaliyev.

As the minister further reported, in order to improve the efficiency of public finances, a concept of public finance management will be developed. The concept will cover the management of budgetary policy, public debt, as well as the formation and use of funds from the National Fund.

In addition, the main government agency will be determined for unified control over prices along the chain “from producer to consumer”.

It is planned to develop a law "On personal subsidiary plots" and to consolidate the mechanisms of subsidizing in agriculture on a long-term basis. In the field of digitalization, it is planned to train at least 100 thousand high-class IT specialists, to increase the export of services and goods of the digital industry to $500 million by 2025.

“In order to provide comprehensive service support to investors, it is planned to create a National Geological Service. A bill on the return of frozen collateral assets to economic circulation will be developed,” Irgaliyev informed.

It is also planned to develop a solution to ensure the availability of prices for raw materials for the domestic industry and the sufficiency of their volumes.

In the second direction, 8 activities are planned for implementation.

According to the minister, the purchase of vaccines registered by the World Health Organization will be accelerated. In addition, it is planned to create a Center for laboratory and technical testing of medical devices.

Within the framework of the Healthy Nation national project, at least 12 laboratories of sanitary and epidemiological expertise will be provided with high-tech equipment.

The volume and range of off-take contracts with domestic producers will also be expanded.

In the third direction, as the minister noted, 12 measures will be implemented.

It is planned to amend the Law "On Education" in terms of excluding standard curricula, to organize retraining of teachers every 3 years.

Also, work will continue to improve the quality of information systems for remote learning formats, the Digital Teacher project has been implemented.

“Comprehensive support will be provided to talented children and teachers who raised them. It is envisaged to provide grants, one-time cash prizes to winners of international subject Olympiads,” Irgaliyev reported.

To solve the problems of lack of places in schools, according to the minister, it is planned to build at least 1,000 schools by 2025.

It is also envisaged to provide full coverage of free technical and vocational education in demanded specialties within the framework of the Zhas Talap project.

In the fourth direction, according to the minister, 22 measures are envisaged.

A law "On the development of agglomerations" will be developed. It is envisaged to update the Regional Development Plans in accordance with the approved National Priorities. Together with strategic investors, it is planned to commission renewable energy with a capacity of at least 2,400 MW.

“In the medium term, it is planned to carry out gasification and transfer to alternative energy sources 10 of the most polluted cities in the medium term,” Irgaliyev noted.

Within the framework of the national project for the development of regions, all cities and villages will be provided with clean drinking water within 5 years. In addition, 120 canals will be reconstructed and 9 new reservoirs built in order to use resources carefully.

It is planned to introduce legislative amendments to simplify budgetary processes, drastically reduce bureaucracy and expand the use of digital tools.

In the programs of improvement and housing and communal services of local budgets, the share of the budget of "people's participation" will be increased.

In the fifth direction, 6 activities are planned for implementation.

A law "On professional qualifications" and a mechanism for regulating new forms of employment, a new Concept of Migration Policy will be developed.

It is also envisaged to reformat the existing mechanism for allocating benefits to citizens moving from the south to the north of the country.

In the sixth direction, 13 measures are envisaged.

According to the minister, an effective mechanism will be developed to support civil initiatives in rural areas.

“Legislatively, the norms on compulsory accounting of the quota in the distribution of deputy mandates will be fixed, and the list of categories of citizens to be quota will be expanded,” Irgaliyev reported.

In addition, in order to effectively combat corruption, it is planned to approve a relevant strategic document for the medium term. Changes will be made to the Concept of Family and Gender Policy. It is also planned to develop a set of measures to combat fraud and financial pyramids.

In the seventh direction, as the minister noted, 5 measures will be implemented.

It is planned to develop a plan of practical measures aimed at promoting the new culture and its talented representatives. The possibility of creating a Fund for the Support of the Creative Industry will be considered.

Within the framework of the national project "Ulttyk Rouhani Zhangyru", it is envisaged to develop measures to cultivate such qualities as patriotism, the pursuit of knowledge and hard work.

In order to implement 5 initiatives of the Head of State aimed at improving the well-being of the population, the following measures will be implemented.

First, the minimum wage will be increased to 60 thousand tenge from Jan. 1, 2022.

Second, measures will be developed to stimulate businesses to increase the salaries of their employees.

Third, it is planned to introduce a single payment from the wage fund (payroll) for micro and small businesses, providing for a reduction in the payroll burden from 34% to 25%.

Fourth, it is assumed that there will be an annual increase in salaries for certain categories of civil servants by 20% from 2022 to 2025.

Fifth, it will be possible to transfer a part of pension contributions, above the minimum sufficiency threshold, to an account with Otbasy Bank for the purchase of housing.

“The Ministry of National Economy, together with central and local executive bodies, will ensure timely and high-quality implementation of the National Plan, carrying out information and explanatory work, as well as regular monitoring of the implementation of measures,” Irgaliyev assured.

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