How is the new IE registration service implemented?


National Information Technologies JSC integrated the systems and it became possible to register IE via Alpha Bank online platform. The works done were aimed at facilitating the process of small businesses registration, Delovoy Kazakhstan reports.

“We are aiming to expand the capabilities and facilitate the public service delivery processes by making them as convenient as possible. Now, another option of IE registration is available, which is crucial for newcomers to business as they can choose the most convenient registration method” commented Rostislav Konyashkin, Chairman of the Board, National Information Technologies JSC.

The service has been launched in test mode in June and enables entrepreneurs not only registering an individual entrepreneurship but also opening a bank account on a free-of-charge basis. The procedure takes five minutes and on the next day an account details are sent to e-mail. To date, the service has been delivered to over 100 entrepreneurs throughout the country. 

“Prior to launching any product or service, we perform a number of researches and determine precise customer needs. Today, entrepreneurs want to spend less time on red-tape and allocate more time to increase the sales. Alpha provides such a capability. Within two months since the service launch we have seen that the service is popular on the market” commented Damir Kakiyev, Managing Director, Volume Business Department, Alpha Bank, Member of Small/Medium Businesses Development Committee under “Atameken” executive committee.

To register IE online, select a service at Alpha Office platform, fill in a phone number and code from SMS, enclose a scan version of national ID, fill in the fields and sign a request using digital signature.   

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