2022 Olympics: Sports Named Where Kazakhstan Can Perform Successfully

The National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan told what kinds of sports they are betting on at the 2022 Winter Olympics. Domestic athletes can "shoot" in several sports at once.

This was stated by the director of the NOC Sports Directorate Yelsiyar Kanagatov during the General Assembly of the NOC, Delovoy Kazakhstan reports.

He said that foreign coaches are now working in 5 national teams in winter sports.

According to our plans, representatives of freestyle mogul, freestyle acrobatics, speed skating and short track speed skating should enter the Top 10 at the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing. Unfortunately, not all regions cultivate winter sports at a good level; there were no representatives of many regions among the license holders for the past winter Olympics, - said Kanagatov.

In turn, representatives of national federations also voiced some data. Dias Suleimenov from the Ski Sports Association noted that Kazakhstan took the initiative to host some international competitions in our country so that domestic athletes could win the necessary points to get to Beijing and not lose important qualifying points due to the cancellation of tournaments.

In 2021, the World Championship in freestyle (mogul and acrobatics), the World Cup stages in these types, as well as the Summer Grand Prix in ski jumping in Shchuchinsk were held in Almaty. All events were held taking into account antiquated requirements, eminent athletes came, our athletes were able to perform at home arenas with dignity and win important points (recall that freestyle mogulists won 3 medals at the home world championship - 1 silver and 2 bronze). Also in the summer, the FIS (International Ski Federation) elected a new president, representatives of Kazakhstan entered the new FIS working groups, Suleimenov explained.

The representative of the Speed ​​Skating Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan said that now there are 11 speed skaters in the national speed skating team, it is planned that they can win up to 16 licenses (7-9 people) in Beijing.

Domestic specialist Dmitry Babenko, as well as Russian Alexey Esin with sprinters work with the team. TCB is going on now, during the preparation period 2 cups of Kazakhstan will be held, where they will select the composition for the World Cup Stages.

We want to train our coaches from among the former athletes. The development of speed skating is impossible without the emergence of new indoor stadiums, the question of creating a full-fledged training base for skating sports is urgent, - said the representative of the Federation.

As for the short track team, not only the head coach of Madigali Karsybekov works with the team, but also the Russian coach-consultant Andrey Maksimov. After TCB, a team of 12 athletes was formed in Russian Ufa. Earlier we reported that according to very preliminary data, Kazakhstan already has 19 licenses for the 2022 Winter Olympics. The main struggle for tickets to Beijing begins in October this year and will last until January 2022.

Albert Akhmetov

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