"New Kazakhstan" is a civil society that actively participates in the governance of the state


The proposal of the Head of State to amend the Constitution is supported by the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Agrarian Affairs, Nature Management and Rural Development Ali Bektayev, Delovoy Kazakhstan reports.

"The President proposes to solve this most important issue through a nationwide referendum. I believe that this is the right and fair solution in terms of legal, political equality and even national security. Indeed, "New Kazakhstan" should not be turned into mere words. Every citizen of our country should understand and feel the basic philosophy of this concept. For this purpose concrete steps should be taken not only by the authorities but also by representatives of the public and civil society institutions," MP Ali Bektayev noted.

Senator Akhylbek Kurishbayev believes that the reforms proposed by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev are aimed specifically at building a 'New Kazakhstan'. This is, above all, the transformation of the old political system.

"In order to implement such radical reforms we need not only changes from above - a shift away from the super-presidency, strengthening of the Parliament, democratization of power. The main thing, as the Head of State emphasized, is to develop civil society, to encourage its active participation in governing the country. Because without a conscious support of the people democratic changes in our society are impossible," said Senator Kurishbayev.

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