Analytical text should not be written as an abstract - Alexander Baunov, Editor-in-Chief

Фото: N. Baibullin

Alexander Baunov, Editor-in-Chief of, published a master-class entitled "How an Expert Should Write Articles for Internet Media" on the official YouTube channel of the School of Analytics, Delovoy Kazakhstan reports.

The well-known Russian journalist and Editor-in-Chief of an authoritative analytical portal shared with the students of the School the professional secrets and rules of a qualitative analytical text. He revealed several rules that an upscale analyst must adhere to.

"Rule #1. An expert who is deeply immersed in a topic should pull back a few steps and go with the reader from the common knowledge to the special aspects that are little known and known only to the author. The next Rule is the common platform rule. Before you can convince your opponent of something, you must partially adopt his position and share basic values with him. Rule #3. The rule of added knowledge. The text must contain some amount of new information. And Rule #4. An analytical text should not be written in the language of an abstract. The language should not be too dry, at the same time you should avoid clichés and verbosity", - Alexander Baunov enumerated during his master class.

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