Constitutional changes demonstrate commitment to democratic change - Senators


Senate deputy Vladimir Volkov believes that the referendum is a new chapter in the country's ongoing transformations and a new stage in the history of Independence, a real embodiment of the "Listening State" principle, Delovoy Kazakhstan reports.

"It is important to note that the amendments to the Constitution contain important political reforms that demonstrate a commitment to democratic transformation. In fact, the novelties are an impetus in the development of a new model of statehood - New Kazakhstan, and will be the subject of an important decision by the citizens of Kazakhstan themselves at a national referendum," said Deputy Vladimir Volkov.

Senator Olga Bulavkina, supporting the amendments to the Constitution, added that the ongoing reforms in modern Kazakhstan require a serious political transformation.

"The strength of the Kazakhstani society, its principled position forms the period of the newest history of Kazakhstan which started immediately after the January events. The nationwide referendum based on the free expression of the will of the citizens is one of the landmark achievements of the political transformation carried out by the President of the country, an expression of the sequence of steps in the development of democratization of society, aimed at strengthening the protection of the fundamental and constitutional rights of the people of Kazakhstan," Olga Bulavkina emphasized

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