Alikhan Smailov orders to keep coal supply and distribution under special control


Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov gave a number of instructions on provision of the population with the coal at the Government session, Delovoy Kazakhstan reports.

Minister of Industry and Infrastructural Development Kairbek Uskenbayev said that in Jan-Aug 2022 the country produced 73.7 million tons of coal, which is 6.2% more than in the same period last year. According to the coal miners, its cost has been kept at the last year's level at the key mines.

At the same time, in order to prevent growth of prices for coal at the points of sale, measures were taken to ensure its uninterrupted transportation and to limit exports outside the country by automobile transport (for 6 months).

In addition, for the convenience of citizens the options of selling solid fuel through popular marketplaces and banking applications are being developed. In this direction, one of the largest banks in the country has already launched a pilot project in Kostanay region.

The Prime Minister noted that this approach will reduce queues at the points of sale of coal.

"This is a very good digital solution, convenient for consumers. Without leaving home, you can order coal. It is necessary to carry out appropriate explanatory work in the field," Alikhan Smailov said.

In conclusion he underlined that the Ministry of Industry together with the regional akimats should keep the supply and distribution of coal under special control and the Agency for Protection of Competition should prevent facts and unreasonable growth of retail prices.

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