The decision of the Interdepartmental Commission on the restriction of onion exports was taken to protect the domestic market


According to the results of the analysis conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture and akimats of the actual available onion stocks necessary to fully meet the demand of the population and curb prices during the off-season of 2023, today the confirmed reserves of this vegetable in the country amount to 152.4 thousand tons. With the annual consumption of onions in the country in the amount of about 315-360 thousand tons, the monthly demand is 25-30 thousand tons. Thus, the available onion stocks in the country are sufficient to fully meet the demand of the population until the early harvest arrives from neighboring countries (traditionally in April-May), reports.

At the same time, there is an increased demand for Kazakh onions in the markets of third countries - this is due to natural disasters in Pakistan, one of the largest onion producers in Asia and the world. Floods in this country provoked a worldwide increase in onion prices, including in the market of our republic. Additional pressure on the cost is also exerted by severe frosts in the southern regions of Kazakhstan, as well as in Uzbekistan, where a large volume of products has been spoiled. Due to the high demand in foreign markets, there is a high probability of exporting local vegetables to other countries through "gray schemes".

Taking into account all factors, the Interdepartmental Commission on Foreign Trade Policy and Participation in Economic Organizations decided to ban onion exports for a period of 3 months. This will ensure the demand of the population for onions before the appearance of a new crop in neighboring countries. At the same time, for the timely delivery of early imported vegetables, the Ministry of Trade and Integration has developed a draft roadmap for the import of vegetables in the off-season of 2023. This map provides for the distribution of socially significant food imports by regions and retail chains, the timing and volume of financing of retail chains according to "revolving schemes" through the akimats of the regions, so that the Communication Transport timely concluded contracts with suppliers for the import of vegetables. In turn, the Ministry of Trade and Integration, through the Qaztrade Trade Policy Development Center, will assist in providing a green corridor for timely deliveries.

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