Children Draw the World: Kazakhstan Initiative Supported by UNICEF


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the assistance of the Astana Akimat, organized a festive event called “Children draw peace” to mark International Children's Day. The event took place on the square near the Baiterek tower, reports.

International Children's Day is one of the oldest international holidays. The decision to celebrate was made in 1925 at the World Conference on Child Welfare in Geneva. Kazakhstan ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1994.

Warm words of congratulations to the children of representatives of the foreign diplomatic corps in Kazakhstan and the Association of Kazakhstan’s Diplomats were voiced by Jean Galiev, Chairman of the International Information Committee of Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry, Arthur Van Diesen, representative of the UN Children's Fund in Kazakhstan (UNICEF), and Montasyr Abuzeid, Ambassador of the State of Palestine and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps.

“On this beautiful day, the first day of summer, I wish that children all over the world see the happy, loving faces of their parents and a peaceful sky above them. May every child have a good and bright future!” Jean Galiev

The UNICEF representative expressed confidence that the joint celebration of this day would become a good tradition to highlight the partnership and overall productive work for the benefit of the children of Kazakhstan.

On behalf of the Association of Kazakhstan’s Diplomats, all children received gifts and diplomas for the drawings they created with chalk on the asphalt on the theme of peace, which decorated one of the main squares of Astana.

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