Kazakhstan and China strive for «Quick Victories» in economic cooperation


This was agreed by the Minister of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan Arman Shakkaliev during a roundtable with major Chinese entrepreneurs, DKNews.kz reports.

Business negotiations with business captains took place within the framework of trade and economic mission of Kazakhstani commodity producers to the city of Wuhan, Hubei Province. The parties discussed current areas of cooperation, presented their export and investment potential. The Hubei Provincial E-Commerce Association voiced its proposals on transformation of the e-commerce sector.

As the Minister of Trade and Integration noted, the relations between Kazakhstan and China are dynamically developing in all directions. In August, Deputy Prime Minister Serik Zhumangarin held meetings with representatives of Chinese business in Shenzhen and Beijing. Return visits of business circles of Shanxi and Shandun provinces in Astana have already been made.

Today Kazakhstan and China are closely cooperating on 52 joint projects in various sectors of the economy worth over 20 billion dollars. Mutual work is underway in the field of industrialization and investment.

«The key sectors identified for attracting investors are agribusiness, processing and logistics, and digital trade. For companies that want to invest, our country has a large-scale package of incentives, which provides for the allocation of land plots for the construction of industrial facilities, tax exemption for up to 10 years, quotas for the import of labor and other preferences. Taking into account the profiles of your companies, we can also offer opportunities to invest in the economy of Kazakhstan» Arman Shakkaliev

The minister noted that the state is very interested in attracting foreign investment in the country.

«We are committed to developing the regions of our country. If there is a focused interest in a certain area of Kazakhstan, we are ready to work out promptly on the ground all arising issues on investment projects and related processes. This will be more effective and faster» Arman Shakkaliev

About 20 Chinese companies from various fields, including mineral processing, business services and wholesale trade, construction and operation of energy facilities, solar panel manufacturing, transportation management, cargo warehousing, and e-commerce participated in the talks.

At the meeting, the parties agreed to identify promising projects for early implementation and quick results. QazTrade Trade Policy Development Center together with the Association of Entrepreneurs of Hubei Province will have to develop a plan of concrete actions on export-import of products.

Also, the Minister of Trade and Integration Arman Shakkaliev asked the representatives of the Association to assist Kazakh companies in finding markets. In response, Zhang Fancheng, representative of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Hubei Province, proposed to conduct a marketing campaign for Kazakhstani enterprises so that as many potential partners in China as possible could get an idea of the capabilities of our manufacturers and Kazakhstani brands.

The trade mission of Kazakhstani entrepreneurs to the city of Wuhan, Hubei Province, takes place from September 14 to 16. Business negotiations in B2B format, visits to enterprises, signing of export agreements are planned within the framework of the event.

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