Premiere of the national fairy tale “Ot Kyz” at Astana Ballet

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By tradition, the next theatrical season begins splendidly: on October 6 and 7, at the Astana Ballet Theatre, the audience will see the first premiere of the XI season – the national fairy tale “Ot Kyz” choreographed by the chief choreographer of the theatre, Honoured Figure of Kazakhstan Mukaram Avakhri. The author of the libretto is Honoured Figure of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstani film director, screenwriter, and poet Bakhyt Kairbekov, and the composer is a musician, Honoured Figure of Kazakhstan Karina Abdullina.

The premiere shows will be accompanied by the symphony orchestra of the theatre.

One of the major directions of the development of our theatre is the maintaining, development and enhancement of the prestige of national art, so, the new large-scale production “Ot Kyz” is a clear confirmation of this. This production is the result of the joint efforts of talented authors: the libretto created by Bakhyt Kairbekov reveals the richness of our culture and conveys its special spirit, the music composed by Karina Abdullina enriches the performance with deep emotions, as well as creates an atmosphere of mystery and magic, and the combination of talent, creativity, and innovative approaches of choreographer Mukaram Avakhri will allow the audience to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of our cultural heritage, opening up new horizons and prospects. The combination of a deep understanding of national traditions and a modern approach to choreographic art makes it possible to create masterpieces that will give unforgettable emotions and impressions to the audience, said Alexandr Sovostyanov, director of the theatre.

The production “Ot Kyz” is based on a mythological plot in which the bowman Mergen, deciding to prove his valiance, shoots at the Sun, and thereby plunges the world into darkness and cold. The country of Tall Grasses suffers from his rashness, the young princess Ot Kyz disappears, and a long winter comes. Realizing what he has done, Mergen understands that he needs to correct it and return light and warmth to the world.

“This production promises to attract the attention of not only children, but also adult spectators, because there is something interesting and fascinating for each of us in it: a fabulous narrative that takes you into the wonderful world of Turkic mythology, amazing scenery and costumes, magical music, and the directorial talent of the chief choreographer of our theatre Mukaram Avakhri, that always amazes the imagination of the audience, so, the national fairy tale “Ot Kyz” will undoubtedly become one of the outstanding pages in the history of our theatre! We invite everyone to the premiere!”, - the artistic director of the theatre Nurlan Kanetov said.

Many talented figures of art took part in the creation of a new choreographic work. In order to create an amazing fairy-tale atmosphere on the stage of the Astana Ballet Theatre, the costume designer Aigerim Altybassarova created colourful scenery and costumes, while Askar Iskakov and Natalya Protasova, the assistants of the stage designer and costume designer correspondingly, helped to implement the ideas. Lighting designer Denis Solntsev and video artist Nurlan Abishev have created a unique visual design that immerses viewers in the wonderful world of fairy tales. The musical director and conductor of the production Arman Urazgaliyev, together with the symphony orchestra of the theatre, created a unique sound accompaniment that will not leave the audience indifferent.

The events will be held with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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