The exhibition "Sport – Ambassador of the World" was held in Astana

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The “Qazaqstan” athletics sports complex hosted the exhibition “Sport – Ambassador of Peace,” timed to coincide with the Day of Diplomatic Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the 100th anniversary of the International Sports Press Association, reports.

Representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Kazakhstan, prominent public figures, and domestic and foreign media attended the event. The exhibition was held with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Kazakhstan, the Directorate of the World Nomad Games, and the Association of National Sports.

In welcoming speech, Murager Sauranbay, Deputy Chairman of the International Information Committee of the Kazakh Foreign Ministry, noted that this exhibition reflects the unity of sport and diplomacy, which are the main tools for strengthening peace and friendship between countries and people.

“Major sporting events often serve as platforms for diplomatic engagement and dialogue, demonstrating the power of sport to foster mutual understanding and respect” Murager Sauranbay

In line with the spirit of unity, Sauranbay reminded the audience of the recently launched “Kazakhstan Goodwill Ambassadors” project. Sergey Tsyrulnikov, who was awarded this honorary title, also visited the exhibition and presented elements of power sports to the guests.

Serik Zharasbayev, Vice-Minister of Tourism and Sports of Kazakhstan, also spoke at the event, presenting the large-scale preparatory activities for the Fifth World Nomad Games.

In addition, the President of the International Sports Press Association, Gianni Merlo, sent a video address, noting the importance of holding such exhibitions in Kazakhstan.

The event featured exhibits that conveyed the spirit of the universal language of sports and their history.

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