Gulmira Qanay took part in the International Forum of Rectors

The International Forum of Rectors of Higher Education Institutions of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan started in Bishkek today. The Chair of the Managing Board – Rector of the Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University Gulmira Qanay, took part in the meeting on «Transformation of modern higher education: the main trends and trajectories of cooperation».

The forum was opened by the Minister of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic Bolot Kupeshov, who outlined the main purpose of the meeting. He also stressed the importance of cooperation between the fraternal countries in the field of education and science, reports Delovoy Kazakhstan.

The heads of Kazakh and Kyrgyz universities also spoke at the meeting. The rectors discussed issues such as digitization of the educational process, exchange of experiences, development of international cooperation, joint research and development of curricula.

At the forum, Gulmira Qanay spoke about the level of educational programs at the Teacher Training University, their goals and role in improving quality.

– Today the Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University prepares specialists in educational programs such as the Foundation, in 2 specialties in college, 49 – in bachelor's, 27 – in master's and 14 – in doctoral.In the last academic year, 13 new bachelor's and 2 master's programs were introduced. The programs of "Chemistry", "Biology", "Physics" and "Physics-Electronics" in the pedagogical direction are conducted in English. We focus on continuous improvement of educational programs. In this regard, we actively involve the professional community and employers in the development of programs, – said the rector of the university. 

The heads of a number of leading Kyrgyz universities also spoke at the forum about their experience in the field of education transformation and digitization.

It's worth noting that 6 Kazakh and 17 Kyrgyz university rectors took part in the forum.

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