Inflation in Kazakhstan: results of April 2022


The quantitative estimate of inflation for the year ahead in April 2022 was 11,4%. The share of respondents expecting the acceleration or maintenance of the current rate of price growth in the next 12 months was 53%. Respondents expecting an increase in prices on the horizon of one year, mainly attribute this to a change in the exchange rate, a rise in the price of food and external events, Delovoy Kazakhstan reports.

 Actual and expected inflation

* a quantitative assessment of inflation expectations for January 2022 has not been published, because the results of the survey were influenced by January events in the country, which reflected on the smaller sample size and incomparability with previous data

67% of respondents noted a strong increase in prices over the past month. The majority of respondents who noted an increase in prices over the past month choose food, their share was 89%. In the structure of food products, an increase in the share of respondents was noted for bread and bakery products, flour, sugar, fruit and vegetable products, vegetable oil. In the structure of non-food products and services, respondents noted an increase in the cost of most items, in particular household chemicals, clothing and footwear, building materials, transport and utilities, household services, cafe and restaurant services.

The share of the saving population in April 2022 was 18%. The majority of respondents neutrally assess the current time for the formation of savings (neither good nor bad) – 40%

17% of respondents have a loan for urgent needs / a cash loan (17% in October 2021), 30% - consumer loans (33%), 4,3% -  auto loan(3,8%).

The majority of respondents assess their personal financial situation unchanged over the past year (47% of respondents). 39% of respondents assess the current time negatively for making large purchases. 18% of respondents have made large purchases in the last 3 months (20% in March). Estimates of the future personal financial situation slightly improved after a significant drop in March (32% assesses neutrally, 29% - positively).

In general, estimates regarding the long-term development of the country have not changed, while short-term estimates have slightly worsened. The share of respondents who positively assess the country's development prospects for a year and 5 years is 43% and 46%, respectively (in March – 45% and 44%).

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