Kazakh Students to Study at the Largest Medical Center in the Netherlands


Ambassador of Kazakhstan Askar Zhumagaliyev visited the largest medical cluster in the Netherlands - Erasmus University Medical Centre (EMC) in Rotterdam, where advanced research and development are carried out within its walls, Delovoy Kazakhstan reports.

A hybrid meeting was held with the faculty of the University to discuss the prospects for teaching students, faculty exchange and scientific cooperation in the field of medicine between the two countries.

The online format was attended by the rectors of the five major medical universities of Kazakhstan, the management of the “Bolashak” International Fellowship and representatives of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan. The Netherlands Delegation was headed by the President of EMC Professor Stefan Sleijfer.

As a result of the event the parties agreed on concrete steps for the establishment of training of Kazakh undergraduate and doctoral students at Erasmus University. The introduction of internship programs for Kazakhstani specialists is also planned as a prospect.

After the online meeting, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan was introduced to the work of the Netherlands' oldest neonatology department, gastroenterology department and biomedical imaging group. Professor Irwin Reiss, Head of the Department of Neonatology, demonstrated the possibilities of introducing new technologies used as an early warning during embryonic development.

Professor Maikel Peppelenbosch, Head of Research of the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, gave a tour of the research and diagnostic laboratories and introduced the patient environment.

Prospects for the application of AI and blockchain technology in medicine were presented by Dr. Gennady Roshchupkin, Group Leader of Biomedical Imaging Group of the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.

At the moment, technical issues are being resolved to give the legal basis to the agreements reached.

Erasmus University Medical Center includes the Erasmus University School of Medicine and three university hospitals for 1,000 patients. The annual budget is $2 billion, of which $306 million goes to research and education. The medical center employs 14,000 people and educates 2,500 students.

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