10 new members joined the National ESG Club


During the third meeting of the National ESG Club, ten new members were announced, Delovoy Kazakhstan reports.

Such companies as Freedom Finance Global PLC, PWC Kazakhstan, JSC National Management Holding Baiterek, JSC Kazakhstan Operator of the Electricity and Capacity Market, JSC International Center of Green Technologies and Investment Projects, ForteBank JSC, Nexus ESG Kazakhstan, JSC Safi Utebayev Oil and Gas University Atyrau, JSC Kazagrofinance, Dimpulse Limited joined to the current members of the Club.

As a result, today ESG Club brings together 40 leading companies actively promoting the principles of sustainable development in Kazakhstan.

During the meeting, the structure of the draft of the National ESG Report was presented, which will contain the contributions and achievements of the Club members and the upcoming tasks of ESG business transformation, in addition activity plans for the first half of 2023 were discussed. At the end of the meeting, Chairman of the National ESG Club Aidar Kazybayev proposed several initiatives for organization of the annual forum called «ESG Investment Forum» and preparation of ESG Guide.

The next meeting of the Club will be held in mid-December 2022.

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