On the eve of the Nauryz holiday, a festive event dedicated to national traditions was held


According to the tradition of the Kazakh people, the committee of state revenues noted one of the most ancient Eastern holidays on Earth - Nauryz meiramy, holiday and celebration, reports.

Within the framework of the event, the competition was held between 5 teams, where we are related to customs, orders, traditions, and this day we have a special knowledge.

Riding ashamai-the order, in accordance with which 6-7-year-old boy polagalar to give Konya and kamchu. The ritual was followed by its own "initiation", which was provoked by a jig. On the same day, the old people welcomed the young man on a regular basis. After all, the participants were satisfied with the wedding.

Returning to your native land – according to this, a person, long time ago in Dali from a distant place, on the way to the road, it was possible to hide in the Earth. "The short story can be explained by the following message – ""all of us children of the Earth""."

The waist is a tradition, to kill the fallen people. For old people, it is necessary to have the same main – meat Blue, such as Goose, zhent, kumys, products and T. D. as it is true, this obligation is due to children or children's relatives, once again. The tradition is based on the example of lost people.

Hair braiding – on the tradition to marry a girl, the Volos were laid in one row. Just as he got married, the pigtails were pulled out and the two pigtails were pulled out. This was explained by the fact that he was not one. As a married man, never in the district of the girlfriend was the last object of relatives, "synsu", he received benefits and prices.

The guest house is a tradition, according to which the host House has the right to introduce the guest to the song or play on musical instruments. The hotel is a place of attraction, as well as a public outpost.

According to the results of the jury competition, the following criteria were determined: familiarization with the category/tradition, acting mastery, compliance with the image.

The results of today's events were summed up, where participants showed the best results and visited key places:

  • Location 1 - "waist lift";
  • Location 2 – "rolling to the native land";
  • Location 3 - "ride to Ashamay";

Certificates were awarded to participants of the trade "hair braid"and " guest".

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