Astana – a symbol of independent Kazakhstan

Photo by: Rafael Wiedenmeier/CP

As part of the scientific and educational program of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an on-site lecture "Astana - a symbol of independent Kazakhstan" was held for students of the capital's school-lyceum No. 15, reports.

The audience was told about the history of the emergence and development of the city: from ancient settlements and medieval settlements to the modern capital of an independent state - the administrative, scientific and cultural center of Kazakhstan.

Particular emphasis was placed on the theme of the formation and development of the international image of Astana.

“The implementation of foreign policy activities of an independent state determined the status of Astana - the diplomatic capital. It is associated in the world community with political events of a truly global scale and becomes a dialogue platform for propaganda and a call for tolerance, peace and integration”, - the lecturer noted.

During the lesson archival, library and museum materials from the collections of the Library of the First President were used.

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