Export of Lumber: Russia Increases the Number of Checkpoints to Kazakhstan

Photo by: yandex.ru

On June 2 of this year, a decree of the Government of the Russian Federation expanded the list of automobile checkpoints through which the export of lumber from Russia to Kazakhstan is allowed. Thus, 3 automobile checkpoints located in the Abai and Pavlodar regions (Auyl, Sharbakty, Urlutobe) have been supplemented, DKNews.kz reports.

Recall that from September to December last year, Russia banned the export of lumber by all means of transport.

As a result of negotiations conducted by the Ministry of Trade and Integration, the Government of the Russian Federation adopted a resolution authorizing the export of lumber by rail and motor transport only through 3 automobile checkpoints (Kayrak, Taskala, Zhana Zhol).

Taking into account the length of the state border between Kazakhstan and Russia, the Ministry of Trade and Integration has carried out additional work in order to expand the list of automobile checkpoints.

Thus, today the export of lumber from the territory of the Russian Federation is allowed through 6 automobile checkpoints:

  • Bugristoe (RF) – Kayrak (Kostanay region);
  • Ozinki (RF) – Taskala (West Kazakhstan region);
  • Petukhovo (RF) – Zhana Zhol (North Kazakhstan region);
  • Veseloyarsk (RF) – Auyl (East Kazakhstan region);
  • Kulunda (RF) – Sharbakty (Pavlodar region);
  • Olkhovka (RF) – Urlutobe (Pavlodar region).

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