Turdikul Butayarov: Neighbors will only benefit from a strong Kazakhstan


A round table was held at the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Republic of Uzbekistan, where leading Uzbek experts, analysts, representatives of the diplomatic corps and the media discussed the message of the President of Kazakhstan K.K.Tokayev to the people "The Economic course of a fair Kazakhstan", announced on September 1, 2023 at a joint session of the chambers of Parliament, DKNews.kz reports.

The welcoming speech was delivered by the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan B.Atamkulov, who described in detail the key points and directions of the message.

The message aroused active interest, reflecting important aspects of the development not only of Kazakhstan, but also of the entire Central Asian region.

The main attention of the participants was paid to economic development. Bakhtiyor Ergashev, Director of the Center for Research Initiatives "Ma'no", stressed that the implementation of the address will be a new stage of economic development aimed at opening new areas of economic activity.

During the discussion, the experts emphasized the uniqueness of the message, noting that it differs from the previous ones. They unanimously stressed that the President of Kazakhstan proposed not just general vectors of development, but also concrete, ready-to-implement solutions. This indicates a demonstration of openness and readiness for constructive discussion with the public.

Turdikul Butayarov, ex-Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan, shared his impressions about the Message, noting its scale — 18 key directions and 110 specific instructions to state bodies. He emphasized that youth issues occupy a special place in the document, and each initiative is considered as part of an extensive program. T.Butayarov expressed respect for the strategic vision of the team of the President of Kazakhstan, stressing: "Neighbors will only benefit from a strong Kazakhstan."

A special place in the discussion was occupied by issues of bilateral cooperation between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, including energy, transport and logistics communications and water resources, which are key for both countries and the region as a whole.

Ravshan Nazarov, Senior Researcher at the Institute of State and Law of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, highlighted the current requirements for the training of "new generation personnel", noting their compliance with modern realities.

The cultural aspects of the message were also not ignored. Rakhimova Nigina, Director of the Republican Center for the Study of Public Opinion, expressed her position on cultural issues outlined in the Message. She stressed the importance of cultural cooperation, especially within one region. N.Rakhimova cited as an example the idea of creating a single TV channel in the region, which will focus on the promotion of cultural and national values.

In addition to culture, N.Rakhimova stressed that neighboring countries are connected not only by a common cultural heritage, but also by unique natural beauty, historical places and gastronomic traditions. All this can become an excellent basis for the development of intangible sectors of the economy, such as tourism, cinema and the creation of cultural and educational platforms that can bring both cultural and economic benefits to the countries of the region.

At the end of the round table, it became obvious that mutual understanding and the desire for cooperation between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are only strengthening. The analyzed initiatives presented in the address of the President of Kazakhstan are an indicator of the strategic vision of the future, which covers both internal and regional aspects of development. The discussion highlighted the importance of further deepening bilateral cooperation, while emphasizing common interests, values and the desire for stability and prosperity in the region.

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