Astana Ballet presents a unique program "Melodic show"

Photo by: PR service of the Astana Ballet Theatre

On February 17, a unique show program “Melodic Show” will be presented at the Astana Ballet Theatre by talented performers of the theatre, reports.

This concert will feature outstanding and recognizable instrumental works, as well as jazz and modern hit songs in an original arrangement, which will give the audience the opportunity to discover the unexplored facets of their favourite music.

It is worth noting that the “Melodic show” promises not only memorable impressions of musical performance, but also visual enjoyment, since the items will be accompanied by choreographic variations. An important part of this show is its stage design, which is used to enhance the emotional impact on the audience and create an unforgettable atmosphere.

“We put meaning, idea, and values that we try to convey to the audience in every concert. The way music is presented plays an important role in shaping the musical tastes and preferences of the audience. This implies not only the selection of compositions, but also the creation of an atmosphere that will ignite a spark in the hearts of the audience, awaken their love for instrumental music and inspire them through creativity,” said Aizhan Khaidar, director of the concert.

The program of the evening will feature the following compositions: John Kander – “NEW YORK, NEW YORK”; Andrew Lloyd Webber – “The Phantom of the Opera”; Claude Bolling – Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano Trio; Rondo Veneziano - Armonie for oboe & violin; Kim Soo Jin – “B Rossette”; Zequinha de Abréu – “Tico Tico”; Drum Show, as well as many different genre items, originally arranged by the performers of the orchestra.

“This time we decided to delight the capital audience with a unique show program to introduce our listeners not just to the orchestra, but to real artists who feel their audience and love the stage infinitely. The concept of “Melodic Show” is an original collaboration of music, directing and choreographic solutions,” added Aizhan Khaidar.

It is also worth noting that in one of the items of the unique evening “Melodic Show”, the audience will have a chance to get acquainted with the conductor of the Astana Ballet Theatre Elmar Buribayev in an unusual role. The maestro is not only a talented conductor, but also a virtuoso cellist. Accustomed to leading an orchestra, Elmar Buribayev will enter the musical space with the artists this time and perform a romantic composition to share the stage of his favourite theatre with colleagues and give guests a unique musical experience.

Even though the young orchestra of the Astana Ballet Theatre is already known for its perfect performance of the most complex classical works, the musicians of this orchestra are open to new ideas, they cooperate with various performers and play music of different genres. On February 17, the orchestra’s musicians promise to demonstrate a new, completely original concert format, which is designed to delight listeners with a modern and stylish sound. It is within the framework of this project that the performers of the capital theatre will show their creative involvement, move away from their usual genres, and present themselves from completely new sides on the stage of Astana Ballet.

The events will be held with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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