Q Capital Ltd: reduction of the authorized capital

Q Capital Ltd., incorporated as a private company of the Astana International Financial Centre under Identification Number 210340900155, registered office: Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, 55/22 Mangilik El Avenue, 140 office, acting in accordance with the Articles of Association and Constitutional Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On the Astana International Financial Centre» and legislation of the Astana International Financial Centre, represented by the Chief Executive Director/Director Aivar Baikenov, notifies that on September 17, 2021 the sole shareholder of Q Capital Ltd. will make a resolution to reduce the authorized capital. The amount by which the Share Capital is to be reduced is 4.500.036.000 KZT (four billion five hundred million thirty six thousand tenge). Thus, the authorised share capital of the Company will be 8.391.438.000 KZT (eight billion three hundred ninety one million four hundred thirty eight thousand tenge). Nominal value of each share of the Company is 274,23 (two hundred seventy four tenge and twenty three tiyn). The reduction shall have effect from September 17, 2021.

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