Aktobe's Development Vision: Infrastructure and Environmental Projects


The progress of implementation of the instructions of Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov, given during a working visit to Aktobe region on August 10, was considered at a meeting in the Government, DKNews.kz reports.

Heads of central government agencies reported on the implementation of projects on the development of the outskirts of Aktobe, construction of sewage treatment facilities in Aktobe and Khromtau, modernization of engineering infrastructure, reconstruction of the road "Aktobe - Karabutak - Ulgaisyn", repair of the highway "Kandyagash - Shalkar - Irgiz" and local regional roads.

At the same time, reports were presented on the projects of reconstruction of water reservoirs in Aktobe and Kargaly, plans for construction of six new large reservoirs, as well as the continuation of construction of the 3rd string to Aktobe from the main gas pipeline "Bukhara - Ural" and gasification of 30 rural settlements.

In addition, they discussed topical issues of construction of an infectious disease hospital in Aktobe, dissemination of Aktobe region's experience on the project "Feldsher backpack" to other regions, implementation of the pilot project of the school security system "Alaqan mektep" and a number of others.

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