The role of youth in State transformations


Chairman of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs Darkhan Zhazykbay met with students of the L.N. Gumilev Eurasian National University, reports.

During the meeting, the Chairman of the ACSA shared his opinion on the important role of youth in the current positive transformations of the country, stressing that today there is a great demand for creative and hardworking youth in the state apparatus.

Darkhan Zhazykbay told the students about the measures taken by the Agency for the Development of Public Service, digitalization of selection and opportunities for admission to public service for young people. So, since the beginning of this year, thanks to the latest amendments to the law «On Civil Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan», 78 university graduates with a GPA of at least 3.33 have been accepted to grassroots positions in district and rural districts without competitive procedures, 7 of them ENU graduates. The Agency is working to fully digitalize the selection and admission process for civil service on the basis of the «E-kyzmet» system, which allows applicants to participate in the competition online 24/7.

«Our task is to create a new galaxy of professional employees by searching for them and attracting them to the civil service. Each of you has a chance to prove yourself and be in their ranks» Darkhan Zhazykbay

Darkhan Zhazykbay also spoke about the selection to the Presidential youth personnel reserve, noting that the experience of previous years showed the high popularity of the project among young people. He shared with the participants of the meeting plans to create regional youth personnel reserves, which should become an effective social elevator for young people in the regions.

In addition, modernized schools of young civil servants are functioning in the regions, the purpose of which is to find talented young people, explain to them the peculiarities of public service and stimulate their admission.

The Chairman of the ACSA answered the questions of the participants of the meeting, discussed with them the issues of interest to them, and also drew attention to the fact that those wishing to connect their lives with public service need to think not about personal interests, but about the public good.

«If there are young people among you who want to enter public service in the future, serve and benefit society, I want to say that only conscientious and honest work will be the key and guarantee of your further success» Darkhan Zhazykbay

At the end of the meeting, the Chairman of the Agency presented letters of thanks to the participants of the School of Young Civil Servants, as well as to persons who took an active part in the implementation of projects in the field of public service.

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