Spanish plumbing giant plans to invest in Kazakhstan

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Spanish Manufacturer of Sanitary Ware Will Expand its Activities in Kazakhstan, reports.

Asel Suankulova, Deputy Director of the Department for Attracting Investments and Marketing of JSC "NC "KAZAKH INVEST," held a strategic meeting with representatives of the Spanish Roca. During the meeting, the parties discussed the strategic possibility of opening a logistics center and a brand gallery, Roca Gallery, in Kazakhstan and further launching production in the country. This strategic move could not only benefit Roca but also contribute to the long-term economic development of Kazakhstan.

The Spanish company produces ceramic tiles and a full range of bathroom fixtures, including bathtubs, shower trays, accessories, faucets, and other furniture. Roca has a representative office of Roca Kazakhstan in Almaty, overseeing the company's activities throughout Central Asia.

According to Roca representatives, the company highly appreciates Kazakhstan's proposed support measures and access to raw materials, including kaolin, quartz, etc. Annually, it sells 500 thousand units of products to the countries of Central Asia. Due to high demand and a growing market, Roca is considering opening a logistics center with the possibility of exporting to nearby countries with further production and opening a factory in Kazakhstan. Before the closure of production facilities in the Russian Federation, the company was the largest manufacturer of sanitary ceramics in Russia.


"The share of light industry in the country's economy is minimal, but we have noted a significant increase in new industries over the past ten years. The development of this sector is one of the priorities for economic diversification. We welcome the opening of new production facilities in Kazakhstan, which is confirmed by state support measures in this direction" A. Suankulova

Following the meeting, the Deputy Director assured the Spanish representatives of the full support of all Roca investment initiatives in Kazakhstan.

Also, within the framework of the investors' visit, several meetings were held with the management of JSC "NMH "Baiterek," JSC "Development Bank of Kazakhstan" and LLP "ASTANA INVEST" Urban Investment Development Center," as well as with representatives of construction companies.

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