Israeli innovations in the field of water safety will be presented in Kazakhstan

Photo by: MFA RK

As part of the research and implementation of Israel’s best practices in the field of water security, Ambassador of Kazakhstan Mr. Daulet Yemberdiyev visited and became familiar with the activities of leading Israeli companies Mekorot, Odis and BlueGen Water, reports.

These companies are at the forefront of the nation's environmental infrastructure and offer innovative solutions in water management, wastewater treatment and recycling, and the development of desalination systems and water-saving technologies.

The heads of Israeli companies presented to the diplomat implemented innovative projects, and demonstrated exclusive solutions in the field of water management.

Ambassador Yemberdiyev especially emphasized that the leadership of Kazakhstan pays a key attention and importance to water conservation projects to ensure sustainable development and environmental safety of the country. 

As a result of the meetings, it was agreed on further joint research initiatives and organizing in the near future visits of representatives of Israeli water companies to the regions of Kazakhstan.

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