By the end of the year, service akimats will open in all regions of the country

21 ноября 2020, 00:51157

In order to increase public confidence in the state apparatus, as well as to implement the concept of the “Hearing State” initiated by the President of the country, the Anti-Corruption Agency, within the framework of the national anti-corruption project “Adaldyq alańy”, is promoting the transformation of state bodies, transferring them to a service model of work.

One of its key areas of the project "Adaldyq alańy" is to ensure the principles of openness and accessibility of civil servants for the population through the transition to a client-oriented model of government agencies.

As the director of the Integrity Department Ganizhan Asanuly noted during the online briefing: "The result of such activities is the service akimats that are being opened in all regions."

To date, 163 or 76% of the regional and city akimats across the country have switched to a service format of work.

Self-service corners are open in 98% of the akimats of villages and settlements.

Large-scale measures are being taken to transform the activities of all government agencies by increasing their openness and accessibility to the population.

“A clear change in the direction of openness was the transition of more than 2 thousand government agencies to the open space / front-office format. About 5 thousand heads of state bodies and institutions were relocated to the first floors for operational interaction with citizens”, - said G. Asanuly.

This format of work is primarily intended for the prompt service of citizens in a comfortable environment, while excluding various administrative barriers.

The increase in the degree of openness and transparency of the work of the state apparatus can be considered as one of the important factors in increasing public confidence.

Openness and customer focus, ensured during the implementation of the service model of service, is the basis for the operation of feedback mechanisms, constant relationships and interactions between society and the state.

As we know, corruption fears openness and transparency and accountability.

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