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Experts prepared a domestic vaccine certificate

25 мая 2021, 16:2125838

Al-Farabi KazNU hosted a solemn rewarding of university employees, who, as part of the working group of the Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, participated as experts in the preparation of documents for WHO certification for the Kazakh vaccine "QazCovid-19"Delovoy Kazakhstan reports.

Speaking with a welcoming speech, acting First Vice-Rector of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University K.N. Mukanov thanked the staff on behalf of the Chairman-Board of the Rector of KazNU Zhanseit Tuimebayev for fruitful and high-quality work. Despite the fact that the pandemic has made its own adjustments in people's lives, the university specialists have prepared a certificate of the domestic vaccine and fulfilled their mission at a high level.

In the period from April 12 to April 30, 17 specialists of KazNU were sent to the "City polyclinic No. 4", a multidisciplinary polyclinic of postgraduate education in Almaty and the Institute for Security Problems in the village of Gvardeisky, Kordai district, Zhambyl region. Lecturers of the following departments worked at the Institute from the university: fundamental medicine - Aidana Amrenova, biotechnology - Azamat Izmukan, biotechnology - Marat Amangeldin, diplomatic translation - Roza Rakhimbaeva and Zhansaya Zhumalieva, epidemiology, biostatistics and evidence-based medicine - Akylbek Saktapov, leading specialist of the Institute for Sustainable Development Almanova, specialist of the Center for International Programs Adina Salimbaeva.

Aliya Yernazarova, Deputy Director of the Scientific Research Institute of Environmental Problems, also took part in the work on the preparation of the documentation, who emphasized that the work done is a small contribution of KazNU teachers, but a huge responsibility. “We saw with our own eyes the work of researchers who worked on the creation of a Kazakhstani vaccine. If the new development of the QazCovid-19 vaccine proves its effectiveness, then it will be in demand. I am proud that Kazakhstan is one of the countries that has developed its own domestic vaccine, ”said Aliya Yernazarova.

Also, five university employees were sent to the "City polyclinic No. 4" in Almaty. This important mission was honorably fulfilled by the teachers of the departments of fundamental medicine - Balzhan Aydashova, Kamila Zhumagalieva, Arai Kagarmanova, as well as acting Associate Professor of the Department of Clinical Disciplines Ainash Altayeva; and Senior Lecturer of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics Aizhan Zhusupova.

The teachers of the departments of fundamental medicine - Arai Usenbaeva, of biotechnology - Ardak Kakimova, acting head were sent to the multidisciplinary polyclinic of postgraduate education in Almaty. Associate Professor of the Department of Biotechnology Anel Omirbekova.

Akylbek Saktapov, a lecturer at the Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Evidence-Based Medicine, in his speech noted the importance of accurate translation of characteristics for WHO, since the correct assessment of WHO representatives will depend on the quality of the text. “I hope the WHO will approve our Kazakhstan vaccine. It was developed by real professionals in their field. We are grateful to the university for giving us the opportunity to gain such a valuable experience. "

During the solemn meeting, 17 employees of Al-Farabi KazNU were awarded and awarded with diplomas of the Chairman of the Board-Rector of Al-Farabi KazNU Zh.K. Tuimebayev for conscientious work, active citizenship, as well as assistance in the preparation and certification of documents for the domestic vaccine against COVID-19.

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