What are the Women’s University admission requirements?


What are the requirements for admission to the Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University? What do you need to know to become a student? What are the changes in admission this year, reports Delovoy Kazakhstan.

1. The Women's University admits applicants with general secondary, technical, vocational, and higher education.

2. According to the results of the UNT, graduates who score 75 points in “Pedagogical sciences" and 65 points in "Non-pedagogical sciences" have the opportunity to participate in the competition for state educational scholarships

3. Candidates who do not achieve the minimum score on the UNT will be enrolled in Women's University on a self-financed basis until the end of the first academic year. They will have the opportunity to take the UNT during the first academic year (January, March, April, and May).

4. Citizens who do not meet the threshold score for the UNT will be expelled.

5. Citizens with technical, vocational or higher education are admitted to educational programs on a self-financed basis with shortened terms of study.

6. Admission of foreign citizens based on educational grants shall be carried out independently at Women's University.

4. Applicants who have not scored a threshold score based on the results of the UNT are expelled.

5. Applicants with a technical, vocational or higher education are admitted on a self-financed basis to educational programs that provide for a shorter period of study.

6. The admission of foreign citizens based on an educational scholarship is carried out at the Women's University independently.

Contacts of the Admissions Committee:

+7 (727) 233-18-52

+7 (727) 237-00-73.

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